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lenovo thinksystem de series Price

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Drive outstanding performance
  • Maximizes efficiency by eliminating overprovisioning, all while reducing cost by cutting space, power and cooling requirements
  • Guards against data loss and downtime events, locally and long distance, with advanced data protection
  • Provides support for up to 2.94PB of raw capacity in modular 2U building blocks and delivers superior data access with low-latency performance
  • Flash-optimized arrays are designed to work in the most demanding environments
  • Extreme performance with up to 1.0M IOPS and sub-100 microsecond latency

  • The Challenge
  • It’s critical that key business applications run with maximum efficiency, because they directly affect time-to-market, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Because of this, data centers are looking for ways to improve the speed and responsiveness of the applications that control their mission-critical business operations.
  • One way to differentiate your organization from the competition and accelerate time-to-market is to extract value and insights quickly and reliably from a range of mixed workload environments.

XClarity Support
Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a centralized resource management solution that is aimed at reducing complexity, speeding response, and enhancing the availability of Lenovo server systems and solutions. Lenovo XClarity Administrator provides agent-free hardware management for our servers, storage, network switches, hyperconverged and ThinkAgile solutions.

With a simplified administration dashboard, the following functions can be easily achieved:
  • Inventory
  • Monitoring

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Extreme performance at an aggressive price
  • Outstanding performance to support Big Data/analytics, video surveillance, technical computing, and backup & recovery
  • Flexible platform for mixed workloads, with various drive and expansion options through multiple connectivity options to simplify integration into existing environments
  • Advanced protection guards again data loss and downtime events, both locally and long distance
  • Simply and effortlessly install and administer using powerful on-box, web-based management system
  • Delivers high reliability and up to “six-9s” of availability

The Challenge
To differentiate your organization from the competition and speed time-to- market, you need quick and valuable insights from your core applications, despite a range of mixed workloads. These applications are your key to success, and for that, you need data storage systems with extreme application performance and nonstop data availability.

Proven Simplicity
Scaling is easy, due to the modular design of DE Series and the simple management tools provided. You can start working with your data in less than 10 minutes.

ThinkSystem DE Series consists of three families of systems that are defined by their controllers. The controllers determine the number of drives that the storage system can support, with support for up to 5.76PB of capacity.

The DE2000H system represents the entry-point of storage systems for customers who want to maximize the price/performance ratio and capacity mix of a storage system.

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