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Network-attached storage has become a sought-after addition to today's connected home, and we've often stated that once you become accustomed to the versatility of a NAS, you may wonder how you ever lived without. But there have been some stumbling blocks along the way. Earlier models weren't particularly user friendly, the hardware tended not to be a stylish addition to the home, and pricing remained prohibitive.

How times have changed. For 2018, Taiwanese manufacturer Qnap has updated its award-winning range with the addition of the entry-level TS-228A. Currently available for just under £150, this dual-bay box helps demonstrate how NAS has expanded its reach from the knowledgeable enthusiast to just about anyone who owns a computer gadget or two.

Measuring 188mm x 90mm x 125mm in size, the TS-228A is one of the more petite dual-bay NAS solutions on the market and is designed to blend neatly into the modern home. You'd hardly notice it on a bookshelf and the sleek white exterior, pale green lid and column of status LEDs are a far cry from the dark, bulky boxes of old. Such a svelte profile does result in a small 65W external power supply, yet it's a tidy package that can function with just two cables; power and Ethernet.
Keeping it simple is the name of the game at this price point, yet we're pleasantly surprised to find the front of the unit equipped with a USB 3.0 port for one-touch copying from an external drive. The rest of the ports are tucked around back, where you'll find two USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and a connector for the aforementioned power supply. Spending more on a premium NAS might afford you dual LAN, HDMI output, an SD card slot or forward-looking USB Type-C, yet it is no surprise to find that such features aren't part of the TS-228A remit.

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Lightweight and easy installation
The minimal and streamlined design of TS-128A makes it fit easily into your home. Featuring a unique, tool-less design, setting up the TS-128A is so easy that it doesn't even need a screwdriver!

A single NAS for cross platform, multi device file access and sharing
The TS-128A acts as a file exchange platform to simplify your file management across devices, and is compatible with a wide range of computers and devices (including Windows, macOS and more). For mobile devices, the Qsync suite can be installed for synchronizing and sharing files across PC, phones and tablets.

High-end snapshot protection for files and data
QNAP has extended support for file snapshot protection to our entry-level NAS. Snapshots were originally only possible on high-end business systems, and they allow you to record the system state and data content at a single point of time. With snapshot protection, if you accidentally delete/modify files, or if any hard disks should fail or your network is infected with malware, you can quickly restore files to a previous point in time.

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